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Theosophists believe in the Akashic Library, a record of every thought that has ever existed and will exist. It’s a cosmic library that pervades the universe. We are enmeshed in a similar record today, with the endless proliferation of memes, TikToks, posts, tweets, where every utterance or random thought that crosses our mind is immediately produced and then endlessly reproduced.

Amidst this easy replication, we might lose sight of the time when preserving the written word was a miracle. When, for a book to survive, “A scribe had to copy it, and a second scribe, decades later had to recopy that copy... and long after the second scribe’s bones were in the earth, a third came along and recopied it again... one bad-tempered abbot, one clumsy friar, one invading barbarian, an overturned candle, a hungry worm — all those centuries are undone,” as Anthony Doerr says in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

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Jaideep Unudurti reviews ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ by Anthony Doerr
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On the spaceship is Konstance, a teenage girl who is immersed in the Library, a vast VR environment that contains the sum total of human knowledge. In America, Zeno, an elderly translator, is caught in a hostage situation with Seymour, a young eco-terrorist radicalised by the loss of his owl.,soccer rules u8

In Constantinople, we meet Anna, a young orphan who feels “some inarticulable sense of the pull of distant places, of the immensity of the world, and her own smallness inside it.” Her story collides with that of Omeir, an ox-herder who is press-ganged into the Sultan’s army that surrounds Anna’s city, and whose oxen pull a giant supercannon that will shatter that city’s walls.,soccer spirits bell

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Diogenes existed — though none of his works survives — but Doerr masterfully invents the central tale, the heart of this matryoshka of nested narratives. Thus, as we advance linearly through time — involving a few hours in the case of the standoff in America, decades in the lives of some of the other characters — the story is told and re-told across the gulf of the yawning centuries, picked up from where one character stopped.,poker launcher

tennis no deuce,While the stories chase each other in this DNA-like strand, Doerr celebrates the very act of storytelling as something magical. Anna eases the pain of her dying sister by narrating Aethon’s adventures: “Maybe as long as she has more lines to read to her sister, the city gates will hold; maybe death will stay outside their door for one more day.”

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Cloud Cuckoo Land; Anthony Doerr, Fourth Estate, ₹699

basketball wives angel brinks,The writer is a freelance journalist and graphic novelist.

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