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“My coach is a professional coach from xyz Pro soccer team or was a former pro player. He yells at us because that is what Professional soccer coaches do at the highest level” I have played my entire professional and amateur soccer career outside the US. Furthermore, I currently work with Professional goalkeepers worldwide. However, I personally never seen Professional or highly talented coaches yell or act tough, intimidating players or even acting arrogantly with players.

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I know the coach and he is heated

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Do not be THAT Coach - Yelling at Players. Do not be THAT coach. As a coach or trainer it is your job to provide technical and tactical information to your players in a safe and enjoyable environment. It is NEVER acceptable to yell, belittle or demean players at practice or games.

Soccer Game Strategies – Can Players Really Hear You?

For example, the coach can shout “out wide” and the players will remember they are supposed to get the ball to the sidelines not up the middle. You can also use short phrases like “don’t bunch” or “down the sideline” on throw ins, and “not in the middle” when they are clearing the ball.

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They often develop fear of failure. That means they stop taking risks and they play too tentatively. That’s because they’re afraid the coach will yell at them. Watch for signs that your sports kids are being bullied. They may be afraid of the coach, focus too much on trying to impress the coach, and they may be afraid of going to practice. They may say they want to quit the team.

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That coach is not acting appropriately. It’s absolutely not okay for him to talk to his players that way. Some coaches are wrong and think yelling like that will help their players.” One of my outspoken girls said quickly: W ell, I can tell you one thing for sure – He is NOT helping….He is annoying!”

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But the bulk of the parents said if the coach is yelling supportive comments, that’s okay. They draw the line at humiliation and singling out players and making public what should be private conversations.” Jacobson points out that parents and kids are much more likely to tolerate a coach who yells if his teams win. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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If he scored coach would yell at him that he should pass, when he passed he was yelled at.Every time he scored he was also taken out of game.There were kids on team that missed several practices, yet coach treated them as if they were dedicated.My grandson decided to go out for football in middle school.He goes from football practice directly to soccer.Now the coach is mad because he does football also and is still putting him down.