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3 Tips to Make Your Layups - Basketball Tips

Practice Variation. Once you have mastered your layup, add in some variation to your practice. Try approaching the basket at different speeds, angles, and with competition or obstacles to challenge your shot. Implementing different scenarios will better prepare you for any circumstance that may arise in a game.

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NEVER MISS LAYUPS AGAIN: Layup Aiming Tricks and Tips

NEVER MISS LAYUPS AGAIN: Layup Aiming Tricks and TipsFREE Quick Draw Shooting Workout: http://bit.ly/2HgZfQfFollow Us For More B.T.S Content and Exclusive D...

How To ALWAYS Make Your Layups In Basketball!! - YouTube

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How to Always Make Your Layups in Basketball: 11 Steps

Practicing Your Layups 1. Try layups on your own, without a ball. Before you hit the court with a ball and with other players, make sure to try... 2. Practice your layups on your own, with a ball. Practice makes perfect, at least most of the time. When it comes to... 3. Add variation to your ...

The Lay Up | Basketball - YouTube

In this video, you will learn how to shoot a lay up, a running shot often used in basketball games.Need more help with lay ups? Help is at hand! Simply check...

How to Shoot a Basketball Lay-Up in 6 Easy Steps

Basketball Lay-Up 3-Step approach. The footwork is the trickiest part. So, let's start there. The lay-up basically involves a 3-step approach. For a right-handed lay-up, the pattern for your feet is left-right-left. Let's break it down... You don't need a ball yet. Step #1: Take one step. Starting on the block, take one step backward up the key.

How to Do a Layup: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Right-Handed Layup 1. Dribble close to the basket with your right hand. Since you're doing a right-handed layup, angle your approach toward... 2. Step toward the basket with your right foot. When you're just a few feet from the basket, take a step toward it with... 3. Jump off of your left foot. As ...

How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

How to Do a Layup (6-Steps) 1. Eyes Up. The very first thing a player must do when they decide to attack the defense and finish with a layup is get... 2. Outside Foot Step (Long). The first step a player makes as they pick up the basketball should be with their “outside”... 3. Inside Foot Step ...